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Service with Rene and the water system has been amazing. Greatest customer service ever. This company goes above and beyond to satisfy it's customers even after 2yrs we still get the same customer service. Highly recommend them.
Christina Arroyo
Christina Arroyo
00:50 22 May 19
Highly satisfied with Sweet Water System USA. We are very pleased, happy, satisfied, and grateful for our sales man Mr. Rene. We are truly blessed to have him. I recommend him to all who needs the system in there home. We have no regrets installing the system in our home. My family and I recommend every one to have this system in there home!!! Again, thank you Mr. Rene for your excellent service!!!
James Bantan
James Bantan
16:41 04 May 19
We are very happy with our water filter... excellent customer service and Rene goes off his way to make sure everything is excellent. Rene is very friendly. He treat us like family I would highly recommend to family and friends .
Dora Rivera
Dora Rivera
01:09 22 May 19
Rene is fast, friendly and efficient. He does a good job at explaining the water filter system and provides the best service.
18:47 11 May 19
Very satisfied with my sink water filter, I have been drinking filtered water for half of my life at my mothers home, when I got my own place I had to get a water filter for my self , great taste, & awesome services highly recommend to everyone
Cynthia Bonilla
Cynthia Bonilla
02:36 24 May 19
Great Service and Experience. My water softener was not configured correctly, and it was regenerated by a weekly schedule and by the water usage. In other words, it was using twice the salt that is needed. Sweet Water Systems USA helped me by changing its configuration, so it only regenerates by water usage. I had to add salt every month, now it is working as expected.
Cristian Rodriguez
Cristian Rodriguez
12:50 28 May 19
We are the Conejo Family, we have one year with the system. Service was great and really fast, I had a little leak going on under my sink and Rene came in to fix it the same day. Great job!
Gudelia Conejo
Gudelia Conejo
19:26 12 Sep 19

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